Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sourcing the parts - Left door

The door of Zeta had taken a hit some time in the past so it was decided that a replacement was needed.

A door in good condition was found from Karkkila, Finland. The pick-up trip took its time, but fortunately a fitting door was acquired and taken home.

The door is a complete package with glass, door card, lock and arm rest. I don't necessarily need those as I already have them in my old door. If someone feels that he/she would need them, they are for sale.

Colour of the door is fine and dandy... One almost could consider that kind of color for Zeta's color. Well time will tell!

Supporting tasks for the project - Preparing a warm workroom

The agenda for the weekend was to empty out an old boiler room.

Because my goal is to blast Zeta to bare metal as soon as I have stripped it down and therefore I will be needing a warm room where to weld all Zetas seams before base coating, I volunteered to help my friends empty their old boiler room as they built a power plant to replace it. This warm room should be extremely useful in preventing rust because of the damp and warm winter we are experiencing in Finland.

My friends got their new power plant up and running just in time for the winter and the old room was going to be a workroom from there on out so I asked if I could bring my project at their place during the welding and base coating phase.
The room is located in an old stone barn with my friends carpenter's workshop (Retulansaaren Puusepät Oy) and the room is just large enough to fit Zeta in (or so my measurements told me).

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Starting point - On the road towards Gran Turismo Datsun

My quest to find a suitable project started when I saw a article/video called "Dare to be different in a Datsun 240Z" (Dare to be different in a Datsun 240Z). Although my goal was not be different but the lines and the body of the Datsun appealed to me so I had to find one.

So the quest to find a suitable car from Finland started, because it looked that the prices abroad  were higher than in Finland.
As by order, there were two specimens for sale on Nettiauto (Finnish car-sale site), that piqued my interest. Both of them were in a reasonable condition and so was their asking price... that is if project cars can be reasonable priced.
After few events, it was time to decide which of them I would like to go to see. The choice was to see the car in Eastern part of Finland which was a 1976 Datsun 260Z 2+2. This decision was based on the fact that the car in question was priced better and it was in "better" condition. By better I mean that the condition was good but not too good not to warrant a full going through and to build the car just the way I would like.
Added bonus was that car was reasonably rare: the car was sold new in Germany in the year 1977 and for the European market there were 454 cars made that year.  (ZHome - Production numbers).