Thursday, January 30, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part V

And the saga continues...

During the weekend I removed the "aircon" from the Zeta, pedal box and the full wiring harness.

To get the pedal box out, one must remove few bolts and the same bolts keep the master vacuum and master clutch cylinder in place

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sourcing the parts - Limited Slip Differential

As I read more information of this differential "swap" I noticed a very critical error in my plan, Zeta already had the mentioned differential aka R200. The only difference was that Zeta has the "long nose-version and no LSD.

As Zeta has this part as an OEM part, swapping to this differential does not give any real advantage and so it went back to my friend as went the rest of the parts that came from his Z32.
I highly urge anyone that is interested in changing their differential, to read this thread in Hybridz: Differentials 101. It will make everything much easier.

I'm planning to add a Limited Slip -lock to my differential with an OBX unit. One can read all about it in these threads/links: OBX Differential Inspection and InstallationHow to Rebuild your OBX Differential and OBX vs Quaife (with pixors).

This unit is made for the Nissan 300zx and 240sx and it should be a direct swap. Just got to make sure that the unit is meant for the non-lsd version of the 300zx or 240sx, because factory lock is not interchangeable with the normal differential. At least according to the Hybridz forums! 
There also has been some problems with OBX units but with proper installation and tuning it should be "just what the doctor ordered"!

Taking Zeta apart - Part IV

The work continued with the soundproofing mat. Fortunately the weather got colder and as the thermometer showed -20 centigrade, I began to chisel the mat away. This clearly was the better way compared to heating the mat, because when the mat is cold, it just lifts off and brakes to pieces like glass when hammered with a paint scraper and hammer.

Results can be seen below:

Monday, January 20, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part III

This time I'm concentrating to the sound proofing mats.

I'm taking the mat off because there is a lot of it and when sand-/glassblasting, it could be a problem (and drive the price up).

My modus operandi is that I heat the mat with a heat gun and then scrape the mat off with a metal scraper. Slow and tedious work, but my time is free compared to the blasters time. Another way would be freezing the mat, but unfortunately the weather is a bit warm for that and I'm not going to buy dry ice, if heat gun does the trick.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part II

As I mentioned in the previous part, next up was the interior.

One can see some of the rust problems I'm facing in the interior in the foot wells. Because of the sound proofing mat, water has been sitting between it and the sheet metal, so rust has been taking its toll.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sourcing the parts - Rear differential and drive shafts

I got a good deal for Z32 differential (with LSD) and drive shafts from a friend and I could not let that one pass. I'm aware that those parts are not a straight swap but it should be interesting to mate those parts to Zeta.

Probably (definitely) going to need parts cut with CNC and drive shafts shortened, but at least the differential should hold to the end of time with the power goals I'm having right now.

Taking Zeta apart - Part I

A lot of different things has been going on with the Zeta. Well technically not "a lot different things", but a lot of stripping of the car to the bare metal.

The de-assembly started by taking off the hood, front bumper, lights, light buckets and fenders along with the front air dam. Almost all bolts opened up just fine and only few bolts caused trouble. The bolts of the left fender and one of the bolts that keep the light buckets attached, had to be cut off.