Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part I

A lot of different things has been going on with the Zeta. Well technically not "a lot different things", but a lot of stripping of the car to the bare metal.

The de-assembly started by taking off the hood, front bumper, lights, light buckets and fenders along with the front air dam. Almost all bolts opened up just fine and only few bolts caused trouble. The bolts of the left fender and one of the bolts that keep the light buckets attached, had to be cut off.

Right light bucket removed. Those nuts inside the wheel well are a pain in the back to take off. This light bucket was replaced in the past, as it was fiberglass. Left bucket was made of sheet metal.

A few rust problems were discovered when taking the fenders off. Nothing alarmingly serious, but something that must be remedied and corrected after sand-/glassblasting.

Right fender was badly eaten in the bottom. No problem as the car came with a replacement panel.

 Rail under the left fender was missing a piece.

A rust spot that resides at the top of the frame, under the right fender and right above the battery tray.

Another rust problem located at the back of the right wheel well. Left rail in the same spot was in perfect condition. Well as perfect as a 36 year old car could be.

In the next part, it is the interiors turn to get ripped apart.

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