Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part IV

The work continued with the soundproofing mat. Fortunately the weather got colder and as the thermometer showed -20 centigrade, I began to chisel the mat away. This clearly was the better way compared to heating the mat, because when the mat is cold, it just lifts off and brakes to pieces like glass when hammered with a paint scraper and hammer.

Results can be seen below:

I also went through the paint and body filler/bog layers in a few places, because I wanted to see how thick the layers are. 
All I can say is that the paint layer is thick!
One can count the different layers themselves... My guess is 12 layers, but I could be wrong! 
My guess also is that the car should shed few kilograms when the layers are cleaned and the car is properly prepped and painted. The decision to media blast the car looks even better!

 These two above pictures show the right C-pillar. About 12 layers of paint and body filler!

Rear fender areas are chock-full of body filler. Above are pictures of the right side and below are pictures about the left side. In one picture one can see that the full thickness of the paint and filler layers is about 5 to 10 mm... a BIT much I would say! Also there is rust... Nice!
I just have to see after the blasting what is the extend of the damage and do the necessary repairs.

That's all folks for this time!

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