Thursday, January 30, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part V

And the saga continues...

During the weekend I removed the "aircon" from the Zeta, pedal box and the full wiring harness.

To get the pedal box out, one must remove few bolts and the same bolts keep the master vacuum and master clutch cylinder in place

The master vacuum is, at least to my knowledge, the 10'' model, so stopping power will be reasonable, even with upgraded brakes. All I need to do to ensure this, is to upgrade the brake master cylinder to bigger one, at least in theory. I'm using these as reference for my brake plans: Help! What brake options are available for S30 Z cars? and Brake upgrade FAQ.
Also I must see that the clutch cylinder is OK.

I removed the whole wiring harness and noticed that it was a bit worn and cut up. 
My intention is to redo the whole wiring with universal wiring harness. My help in this will be the FSM one can find in the following website: Xenons30
I'm thinking something along these lines for the universal harness: Universal Wiring Harness
To mate the possible RB-engine to the engine harness, I will be using this guide on Hybridz: Chris Rummel's easy follow RB into Z wiring guide.

Wire mess was and is a bit daunting...

Not many surprises were uncovered during the weekend but one very unfortunate one came up... Rust.

The rear of the car is in good condition as far I can tell... Hope the blasting does not reveal anything too bad!
My girlfriend did a huge job by removing all the body filler from the right rear fender. The tools used were hard labour, heat gun and sharp chisel.

This uncovered few rust spots. Lover panel is eaten through and needs to be replaced. Also the arches has been repaired... badly. I'm hoping that they can be remedied and that I don't need to find replacement panels for them. Other way is to cut them up, patch them and put on huge fender flares.
Next up is the left side!

Also the fuel tank was taken out. It has been replaced sometime in the past but I still need to do few modifications in order to keep the old tank and use fuel injection.
The trick is to use a fuel surge tank and additional fuel pumps for example Bosch 044 or similar. I might do the surge tank myself or buy it (if price is right). 
If I do it myself, I will use this guide as my aid: Building A Fuel Surge Tank. I already have sourced a used fire extinguisher for this purpose.

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