Monday, February 10, 2014

Sourcing the parts - Engine aka RB20DET

As one can deduce from the headline, I have bought an engine swap for Zeta.

My choice was a RB20DET because of its stock values. With the RB20DET all of the requirements that Finnish law has to "offer" to register Zeta will be met.

The swap came with motor, almost all of the auxiliary parts and gearbox.
Turbo was not a part of the deal, but that would have been upgraded anyhow! What did came with the kit was stainless exhaust flange to make new exhaust manifold and a stainless surge tank.

Seller was a real pleasure to work with because as soon as we showed up to look at the motor, he offered to open it up so we could see that it is okay and so we could see what we are buying. Also the price was more than reasonable... with the price difference to other engine swaps, we can machine the engine and rebuild it and still have money left for a new turbo. Also ceramic coating would be nice in the engine (Martelius - Keraamiset pinnoitteet).
We are also upgrading the bolts, nuts and seals and gaskets of the engine so that it will be like brand new!

The kit also lacks coils. I'm going to buy a coil harness and do this mod: How to Install a LS2 truck coil plug into the RB20DET/RB25DET/RB26DETT engine. This way the engine will get stronger spark (more power) and the parts are cheaper to buy than "inferior" coils. Also this would be "the place" to look for new coil harness: Wiring Specialties.

The motor in question has produced ~240 hp to the rear wheels with the stock turbo. RB20DET should hold about 300 hp with right turbo and mods (intercooler) so plenty of room to improve.
On street the car will be producing just shy of ~215 hp, as this is the max amount that can be registered.

Now some pictures:

I now have to find a suitable turbo for this motor. Also the oil pickup and oil pan has to be modified so that the engine can sit as low and as back as possible. Now it has a front sump and because of this it does not clear the steering rack in Zeta. One could use these two parts from Nissan: #11110-20P00 (oil pan) and #15050-20P03 (rear oil pickup), but unfortunately they are discontinued products so they rarely show up.

I'm looking with interest this thread in regards to the engine modifications: RB20 Big turbo - Big power, but small budget. The power he gets from this little motor is stunning! 
I'm thinking that I might ask a few questions from Turbotekniikka about suitable turbos as they seem to be big players in this field in Finland.
Driftworks forums also suggested a turbo from Cosworth Sierra or Escort or some kind of hybrid one... That would be interesting! As would be twin turbos from Maserati Biturbo... but thats just a fools quest I guess and not a real advantage over one good turbo.

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