Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sourcing the parts - Misc. parts

Progress with Zeta has been a bit slow during the last few weeks. Have been staying in Helsinki, so time with Zeta has been a bit limited.

Regardless of that, I have made few purchases for the project.
The most important purchase was a coil harness from RB26, because our engine did not come with one. It is in good condition as far as I can see, but prior to the LS2 mod (My previous post), I will be going through the harness with a multimeter and check every wire for continuity. Better to be safe than sorry!

When it comes to the actual placement of the RB20DET to the Zetas engine bay, new mounts will be needed. I have sourced new mounts for this usage and they come from a Jaguar XJ6. They should drop the motor suitably low, but small fabrication work will be needed to the metal work. This is because I would like to get the motor as far back or as close to the firewall as possible. If the engine height is not suitable with these mounts, I could try using two hockey pucks as isolators!

Tthe third thing I have found is a "new" brake master cylinder.
The cylinder comes from a Nissan Patrol GR (pre. 1997) and its bore is 1''. This ensures that braking force is adequate with coming brake upgrades. The cylinder is horizontal mount but the bolt spacing (~92 mm) is the same as the horizontal bolts in the brake booster.
The booster is a bit sorry looking, but its just superficial and the bores are as clean as a whistle so it's nothing a bit of TLC (or repair kit) can solve.

Also I purchased new side mirrors. They are cheap knock of mirrors from eBay and they are ment to be used in motorcycles... I just have to see if they suit to this application! At least they are small and can be painted to suit the final color of the car.

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