Monday, March 17, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part IX

Quick update about last weekend and sadly Zeta is still not ready to be blasted.

Weekend was a bit busy one and I got to work with Zeta only on Sunday so progress was a bit limited.

My father had bought pallet shelves and the day started by installing those. Now we (or I) have plenty of room for engine parts and misc. parts. During this project the shelves are filled with Zetas parts. They sure give plenty of extra room!

Other work was comprised of taking the front suspension to pieces. It was bit of a tricky task because the joints and bolts were original... or at least that is my guess because they were so stuck to each others.
Steering rack and lower ball joint were stuck to the steering knuckle and to get them to separate I soaked them with Korrek Multipurpose (similar to WD-40) and heated them with hot air gun. Once the parts were heated enough and rust bind was broken, I threaded the castle nut on the joints bolts and applied pressure.

The pressure did not work... So I took a hammer and hammered the parts to submission. Then they gave away and parted ways. Unfortunately on the right side the castle nut did not survive this and got itself jammed on the lower ball joint. To get the steering knuckle out, I had to cut the castle nut and at the same time the ball joints bolt. This means I need to change the ball joints...
Well that's not a huge loss because there would not have been any sense to change all other parts and then put the old and seized ball joints on the car.
Also sway bar end links got broken. Lucky that the suspension bushing kits usually come with those also.
After messing with the front suspension for hours, we were left with the following parts.

In other news... I today got 100 kilograms of Citric acid so now when work continues, I can kill the rust on the suspension parts and drive train parts. Just got to remember to take aluminium parts off before I dump the parts to the acid. Citric acid and aluminium doesn't mix very well (aluminium darkens) and also all grease must be cleaned thoroughly before acid bath because Citric acid can't penetrate grease and it doesn't dissolve grease either.

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