Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part VIII

I'm hoping that this would be the second to last update that deals with taking the car apart and on the following updates I can concentrate on other things... hopefully more interesting things.

During the weekend I got the front and rear suspension assemblies dismantled and the parts washed. Also I test fitted the Patrol brake master cylinder... Did not fit :D This was because the bolts were few millimetres off. The old saying that "measure twice (or in my case thrice) and cut once" still rings true. The fix for this problem should be easy, just drill or elongate the mounting holes of the brake master cylinder by few millimetres and it should fit. Also the aluminium plate, that the OEM solution has on the master vacuum, needs to go but fortunately it is held on by two nuts and easily removed.

Regarding the dismantling of rear suspension, my god they used soft bolts and nuts when putting Zeta together. The bolts were a bit stuck on the left hand drive shaft and when trying to open them 50% of them got rounded. I soaked the bolts with WD-40 before trying to open them but no luck. On the other hand bolts on the right side drive shaft were finger tight. Might have been a nice surprise if I had not gone through the car and just started to drive it.
With the front suspension the same trend continued. Not cutting bolts but stuck parts. The steering rack ends were on so tight that I could not get them to separate from rest of the assembly... In other words work continues with it!

So few cut bolts and few choice words later, I had loads of parts to clean and more bolts to change when putting the car back together. Not a problem because all bolts will be changed for better ones.

Putting these photos here as a starting point to see what kind of results can be had with citric acid, water and 200 litre plastic drum. With these ingredients I'm aiming to eradicate rust from these parts and then paint them with zinc and 2k paint.

If someone that is reading these updates needs 97 % citric acid, just ask me. I have about 5 tons of it and it needs to go. Product is located in Naantali and comes in 25 kg bags. It is a bit hardened but it's nothing that sledgehammer can not solve and this does not affect its ability to eat rust. Price is between free and whatever one likes to pay!

On side note, I might want to check my phones camera... Almost all of the pictures are blurry and flash does not work as expected. Or I just don't know how to take photos.

PS. Did not get the rear spindle pins out undamaged... No surprises there! Next time should use this: Datsun Lower A-arm Spindle Pin Puller.

PPS. Leaving these two three here for future reference. Disregard the "stance" and the lowering of the Kenmeri... One might see a pattern emerging.

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