Saturday, March 29, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part X

Now follows a mid weekend update.

I have been dismantling the front suspension pieces to "atoms" and also the old motor got moved to a pallet so I could free the motor stand for the new motor.

The front suspension is covered in rust proofing and oil so it's a very messy job to dismantle it. Bolts have been coming off pretty nice but the bolts that keep the brake shield in place very so rusted that I had to cut them... Now I must drill them out. Nice!

Here's some pictures:

On second note, I received Zetas new front brakes on Tuesday and all I can say is that they are massive! They are a set similar to this  Front Big Brake Kit (stage 4), but I got a good deal here from Finland, because he who had purchased this kit had a change of heart. Only difference of my kit to Silvermine kit is that my calipers are red and the brake disks are not drilled.

The disks are from Nissan 300ZX (z31) NA and the calipers from a Toyota Hilux/4Runner 4x4. They are stamped as S12W and are one of the biggest calipers for Zeta... well apart from fully custom systems. Here is bit of background info about the Toyota brake swaps: S30 Toyota Brake Upgrades.

Here are the left side brakes test fitted:

Looking good, but the brake shields have to be butchered to be able to mount these brakes properly. Sacrifices have to be made!

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