Monday, April 21, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part XIII

I think everyone is already sick n tired about these dismantling updates so I keep this one short.

As we have established, Zeta is ready to be media blasted and now are the doors also. Windscreen and door glasses came off during the weekend. Windscreen got broken but "no use to cry spilled milk". Now I at least can get a heated windscreen if possible to Zeta so I can be sure that it stays fog free. Zetas are a bit poor to keep the windscreen clean in the rain, I have heard...

Dismantling the doors were pretty straight forward:
First take all screws off that keep the glass attached to the window lifter or what it is called and the window frame, after that take the glass off. Then take the window guides and window lifter off and lastly the handles and locking mechanisms.
Here is a pictorial review of this story...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part XII

Battle continues with dismantling.

During the weekend I took apart the front and rear suspensions, took of the boot lid, cleaned up the engine compartment and took of all remaining fuel and brake lines. By removing all the brake and fuel lines as a whole system I got a model to follow when making new lines.
I'm going to do the lines from pipe and making sure that they withstand ethanol.

Did not have a "rear axle stand" or "sliding hammer" so I just placed the rear suspension so that the rear axle could move freely. Then I threaded one of the lock nuts on it and placed wood block on top of this assembly. Then I whacked solid blows to the wood block and the rear axle came out unharmed.

Not very much more to tell so here is a "picture dump":

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part XI

And the story continues about the last weekend...

Sunday was a bit shorter day with the car, because we fixed our pier. Few telephone poles were driven to the lake bed and they lifted the pier nicely.

Well back to the car. I started with the rear brakes. The brake drums were on very tight but few taps (well a lot of them) or better yet blows later and the other brake drum was open. After the brake drum was dismantled, we opened up the hubs locking nut. "Some" force was required to get the nut open. We had to use a socket wrench and pipe wrench that were over a meter long. Very effective locking nut!
Here's some pictures about that carnage.