Monday, April 21, 2014

Taking Zeta apart - Part XIII

I think everyone is already sick n tired about these dismantling updates so I keep this one short.

As we have established, Zeta is ready to be media blasted and now are the doors also. Windscreen and door glasses came off during the weekend. Windscreen got broken but "no use to cry spilled milk". Now I at least can get a heated windscreen if possible to Zeta so I can be sure that it stays fog free. Zetas are a bit poor to keep the windscreen clean in the rain, I have heard...

Dismantling the doors were pretty straight forward:
First take all screws off that keep the glass attached to the window lifter or what it is called and the window frame, after that take the glass off. Then take the window guides and window lifter off and lastly the handles and locking mechanisms.
Here is a pictorial review of this story...

And the casualties of war:
Last owner or someone else in the past had taken the window moulding off and never put it back... Guess I will need some luck finding another!

Also I purchased a dishwasher to clean all the junk I have taken off Zeta. Interesting to see how it performs... and how long it will last! The model is Whirlpool ADP 7519 and it cost only 45 euros... So no huge harm done if I only get one wash out off it.

And lastly a picture to show why I get so little done in the weekends... One has to take time off as well!

Hoping that the next update would be the media blasting!

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