Monday, July 14, 2014

Fabrication - Blasting aftermath

Not a lot has happened since last update.

Zeta has been lifted to the rotisserie and I have been looking the carnage of previous "fixes". The chap that has been welding Zeta before was certainly a bit of a poor welder... I'm hoping I can better him.

Frame rails are unfortunately shot... these I'm going to change to a steel profile and extend them to the whole cars length. Also I'm going to change the seat rails to steel profile and add one more "cross member" to both sides of the car. Should stiffen the car nicely.
Also the floor pans are going and I will replace them with suitable pieces of sheet metal or ready made pans if they can be found. More likely will be the sheet metal option.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fabrication - Soda/Glass blasting

And now a "picture dump" about the blasting outcome.

The car was blasted with soda and glass and took 21 hours. Almost half of this time was spent by working with the underside, because the rust proofing was so tough and did not budge easily.
Doors and tail lid took 3 hours each so it took its time!

Well packaged because of the looming rain and wet road surface. The tarp did not let any water through. I might say that I was very pleased.

Fabrication - Making of Rotisserie aka Body grill

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since last update, but fear not; project has not been abandoned.

Since last time Zeta has been moved to a different location with a very simple "trolley". The trolley consist of one pallet and pallet sheet that has been outfitted with wheels.