Sunday, November 30, 2014

Supporting tasks for the project - Preparing a warm workroom - Mark II

So, no updates for four months...
Time has slipped away and project has not moved forward very much.

Time has went to real work and preparing a warm garage for the winter. This garage is Mark II, because if the reader remembers, this was the first idea for a warm workroom.
Well that fell through, because it would not have been very practical.

Luckily my father saw my predicament and suggested that we might build a warm room to our machine hall.

The room is the same where the journey of Zeta started 364 days ago, but now one can say that the room has improved a lot and it can't be recognized as the same.

As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words"...

Floor is coated with epoxy and saturated with quarts sand for added toughness.

Lighting is handled with five 2x58 watt fluorescent lights. Probably going to need few led spot lights as well.

There's even a gym... if one has the time to use it. Also the door is a lift door with an access door and heat insulation. The whole garage is insulated and heating is handled with 6 kW electric heater.

Here's few of the tools that will be used in this project. Got to say that the Esab is one fine machine! Also if someone has the need for 2 ton engine crane, I can recommend Jago24. Pricing is very good compared to Finland and delivery time very fast.

These two cabinets I bought for 80 euro per cabinet and they will be used as tool cabinets. They have two roller bearings on either side per drawer so the drawers slide very nicely.
I welded casters on the cabinets so they can be moved freely. Not that there is going to be much need for that.

Here is Zeta in her new home... Probably a long time home!

Hopefully now the project can get moving again and it will be on the road some time in the future. There is still work ahead with the garage, but welding phase is nearing...

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