Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fabrication - Rotisserie II

After the last update I have made the feet for the rotisserie, cleaned up the garage and made an auxiliary tank for the air-system. Also a lot of time has passed since last update!

Here is a start for my auxiliary tank for the air-system (all installed now, but no picture)
This way the capacity is doubled to 100 litres and the compressor need not to run as frequent as before when using air tools. These tanks will be connected with a hose and therefore will run in parallel. After the tear-down, I also have parts for the running compressor as the units are identical.

The raw materials for rotisseries feet, a part of them at least.
The profiles are 50x50x3 mm and will go inside 60x60x5 mm profiles and they will together make a "sleeve feet". The height of the feet will be around 90 cm when fully extended.

I also need to strengthen the rotisserie. It flexes about 2 to 5 cm when lifted from the corner and this is not preferable, as one might guess when trying to square a car.
So much for the thought rigidity of the pallet shelves...
I'm thinking that I will "cage" the rotisserie by welding profiles between the bottoms of the feet. This should make the whole contraption more rigid (see next update in the possibly near future).

Now some pictures about those feet and "wheel feet".

A lot of pictures that just describe the making of one lousy rotisserie... At least the adjust-ability of the feet is about 40 cm so it should be "enough". Although few cm would have been enough!
When you retract the feet fully, the wheels will contact the ground and rotisserie will be movable.

Next time on Zeta GT:

I will add crossbeams between the legs of the rotisserie on the long side and this should stop the flexing.

After this, it is time to lift the car with the engine lift and ceiling pulley to the rotisserie, clamp it down and start hacking the car to pieces (and weld repair patches to the car).
Also the measurements of the car will have to be checked.

Lots of work and not a lot of forward motion regarding the car, but at least the facilities are shaping to be very good!

Lots of work still ahead!

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