Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tool sourcing - Tools for repairs

No new developments apart from few "part sourcing" trips.

As the day comes nearer when I start the real restoration of the car, I noticed that some tools will be needed... Well they are not necessary, but I would like to think that they will help my job and I'm a "gear nut". This means that I think that: "the better the gear, the easier the work".
Also because I'm a full fledged novice in sheet metal work, I will need all the help I can get.

First additions to the tooling of the garage are needed when cutting the floors and frame rails off the car.

These I bought from Finland, as I will need them come the next weekend. At least I hope so!

I'm thinking of using only pneumatic tools as much as I can, as they will be quieter and more "controllable" than electric versions. I'm going to pick up a nibbler too on my way to the garage.
Spot weld drill bits (6 and 8 mm) will be handy when taking the floors and frame rails off. There are quite a lot of spot welds in the floors and all of them have to be drilled out.
(Thanks for the pictures.)

Next up is the items I bought from eBay.
First picture shows Clecos (bought 35 pieces for 3 mm hole), Cleco pliers along with Cleco edge clamps and intergrips (bought 10 pieces).
As I'm going to change the whole flooring and frame rails, better get tooling to get along with the job. The usage of Clecos can be seen from this guide: Z floor pan replacement. Clecos are used widely in the aviation industry in the USA so I would guess they are adequate for my rust heap project.
Intergrips are needed when replacing the rusted or otherwise botched panels on the body. Like in this thread: MP&C Shop Projects. There is so much knowledge in this thread that I recommend it as a must read, if doing DIY car body repairs. The cut off tool comes in handy in here too when planishing the welds.
The thread pitch gauge is a welcome addition to the tool "collection" as I'm going to change as many bolts as possible from the car because they are quite a sorry looking bunch. In this task this tool comes very handy. Cataloguing as its best!
The "christmas trees" were just an impulse buy... You just can't have too much drill bits and step drills are rather handy!
(Thanks AB Tools Online for the pictures.)

So this kind of an update this time.
I'm writing about these kind of happenings too as acquiring tools for the project is as important task as other tasks. Without these tools the work could be much harder and when time is of the essence, it can not be wasted!

Next up should be the levelling of the Sled and that way Zeta. After this I make the first "surgically accurate" cuts to the car and start taking away the floors and frame rails. Making the new ones I'm going to outsource to a local sheet metal company.

Rather exciting... for me at least!

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