Sunday, July 19, 2015

Supporting tasks for the project - Garage III

Saturday did not go as planned with the project... My goal was to wake up early, drive to the garage (1 hour drive) and make some new patch panels. Almost all of this happened, but not the patch panels!

Sometime last week, I had an epiphany: Why don't I use my now vacant Ikea Jerker as a welding table and make a "machining center" to the garage? I thought that I would do that and still have time for some patch panel fabrication, but as always I got a bit carried away!

On to the pictorial review of the work day!

Some readers (if I have any) may remember, that the garage looked something like this... the tool carts were easily available and there was ample table space.
Unfortunately there was no room for a column drill and grinder and the space below the other pallet shelf was full of "stuff".

Enter Ikea Jerker along with some very basic organization skills.
Ikea Jerker is a rather flexible and sturdy work table, that I have been using in my office. Now that I got a new table, this was looking for a new home and it found one in our garage!

The final (as of now) tooling center... Excuse the mess and dirt!
I added a 3mm metal plate on top of the Jerker and welded a diagonal support profile under the right corner as my large vice will be placed on the right corner.

Work surface is fully level and I welded a ground point to it for the welder. Now I just can lay a part on top of the table, attach the ground to the table and begin welding.
I put our grinder on a separate surface... on a hindsight, I might have to lower it a bit!
Our trusty column drill also found a new home in the garage. Now all that it needed is bolting it to the floor and giving it a nice once over!

Now I can do very varied works in the garage and not wonder around the "barn" between different tools.

Tool drawers found their new home under the second storage shelf.
Also my engine stand fits in the left over space quite nicely, along the iron storage between the shelf and side wall.
I just hope that the coming new engine will fit in the same space...

Both of the shelves will be covered with white tarps as to prevent dust getting all over the parts and to reflect all available light back to the work area. No need to waste good lights and illuminate rarely used and dismantled car parts.

I did get some work done on the car also, but only few cuts and grinds.

In these three photos, one can again see the "near expert quality" craftsmanship, that has been used when repairing this car in the past. Unfortunately these repairs just have exposed the car for more damages and problems.

Because of the past life of the car, I must repair all of the upper portion of the wheel well and upper structural rail (shown in the third last photo) and this will be what I will be concentrating on next.
Same goes for the right side of the car when its turn comes.

Still few CAD models to do and few sweat drops to drop before all is said and done!

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