Friday, August 14, 2015

Engine - Volvo T6 Hybridz: Part III

The dismantling has advanced a bit, but screeched to a halt as the tools did not endure the torture.

Onwards with the pictures!

The head looks really good and hardly any sludge to be seen. Also the camshafts seem to be in really good shape, so this motor is really looking like it could be a rather nice project motor for Zeta!

Unfortunately still no head removal in sight as I had to stop work for the night.

Reason that I had to stop for the night...

Note to self: use 1/2" socket and extension bar next time for the head bolts. 3/8" seems to be inadequate!

Luckily the extensions have 10 year guarantee so I just get new ones without a hassle. Still, going to pick up 1/2" socket set, so I can get the head of and see the cylinders!

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