Sunday, August 16, 2015

Engine - Volvo T6 Hybridz: Part IV

New tools acquired so off with the head!

Still need a counter hold tool to keep the crank shaft from rotating when taking the damper and pulleys off, but that I can whip up next weekend when welding continues.

This side is cleaned up and only one sensor remains... Did not have a large enough wrench or socket so I will need to get that off before parts washer.

Cross hatching looks immaculate for the most parts (hard to tell by the pictures.. sorry about that) so only a slight honing should be adequate for the cylinders, but they will be measured and checked none the less.
My fear for cracked cylinder did not materialize, as all the liners and cylinders are in really good condition as far as I can tell!

Also the pistons are in rather good shape and as they should be good for about 600 hp, I will just clean them up really good by blasting them with soda and washing them thoroughly.

Head looking rather crummy, but still not bad for a 115k km motor, eh?

Valves have a bit of carbon on them, but they should be in good condition also.
Nothing that a good soda blasting and washing can't fix! They will be cleaned, checked and weighed, so that all is in as good condition as it can be when the motor is assembled.

Did not have the tools to check if the head is straight, but my guess is that it should be OK as all the head bolts were tight as a whistle and there were no blow through in the head gasket. Of course this will be checked also!

Next I should be able to take the oil pan off and see how the bottom end looks.
Should be a good one and at the same time the intermediary section of the motor will come off, then only the crank shaft and connecting rods remain.

The dismantling part is the easy one... the assembly and machining is the ones that make me nervous a bit! Fortunately has a suitable "Greenbook" to offer as the manual for B6254T/B6304F is largely the same as for B6284T (Engine re-conditioning).

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