Sunday, January 24, 2016

Supporting tasks for the project - Garage IV

Dear Diary,

This weekend I did not weld any welds on the car or make any patch panels, but I did clean up the garage and make a new work table to replace my trusty Ikea Jerker.

Lets get it on like Donkey Kong!

First up the starting point.
Jerker full of stuff and not very much room to begin with. Also the Jerker was very flimsy in this usage... as some wiser fellow would have guessed to begin with!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fabrication - Patch panels: Part III

Work has also continued with the patch panels.

Here is the starting point I had before most recent repairs... Quite sorry looking sight even though quite large areas have already been repaired by yours truly.

The whole upper frame rail has to be repaired. This will be done with 1,5 mm sheet metal and lots of swearing and measuring and beating and welding.

Engine - Volvo T6 Hybridz: Part V

It has been a long time from the last update, but not a lot has happened in the project.

First of my computer acted up and still is doing so and secondly it has been rather busy in the real life!

Engine B6304F:

I started cleaning the B6304F engine off all the grime and oil by spraying mineral spirit and compressed air onto it. This worked remarkably well and also the most stubborn oil started to come off!