Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fabrication - Patch panels: Part III

Work has also continued with the patch panels.

Here is the starting point I had before most recent repairs... Quite sorry looking sight even though quite large areas have already been repaired by yours truly.

The whole upper frame rail has to be repaired. This will be done with 1,5 mm sheet metal and lots of swearing and measuring and beating and welding.

Rough starting sketch... Well not rough rough. I had used CAD to get this far, but still a lot of fine tuning ahead. I'm doing the upper rail from three different large pieces, compared to the previous repair where there were three small patches slapped on top of the original rail.

The rough sketch cut out and tabs bended.
Next up I will cut and bend the top portion of the rail.

Upper portion of the rail tack welded and bent to shape.

Old upper rail has been cut out along with all the accompanying rot. Quite large portion in the end ended up in the metal bin, but as the saying goes: "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the garage".

Here I have tacked up the patch panels and they are looking rather fine, if I may say so.

The upper rail fitted in place and tacked up.

Last panel made for the top and plug welded in place.

Difference a good weld makes. This has been welded only from the other side, but I guess that it is not going anywhere!

Panels all welded up and additional patch added to the suspension tower to make up missing material.

Before I can finalize the upper rail, I have to repair yet another section.
This section had 4 layers of sheet metal botched on top of one another and this was not good.

Cutting has started and adjacent panels also take fire.

All the rot has been cut out and as one can see also the upper rail need adjustment. That is more sheet metal!

Repair panel made and fitted in place. Fits like a glove and also seals the firewall which is a good thing as the firewall looks like a sieve in some places!

Well... this panel did not go as planned. I measured in a hurry and did not take to account that the panel needs to be in-line with the outer side of the place (eg. with the newly welded patch panel). This resulted in a panel which is few centimetres short in some places and some places few mm too big. In other words a lost cause to be used in this place!

Well better luck next time as this still needs to be done and I will do that come next week and one free day!

I have also made some improvements again to the garage.

I mounted the LEDs on a light stand with integrated grinder holsters and extension cord.
Now I just plug one socket to the wall and I have movable lights and grinders can be put on it as so in the picture.
Rather nifty and convenient!

I had to make few adjustments to the grinders safety shield as the shield would always catch on all places. With out the shield was too dangerous for my liking so I trimmed it down and now the wheel fits in rather tight places.
Also the shield trimmed as shown, I could still put it to its holster even when the disk was spinning.

Of course, no garage is complete with out a TV. The filing cabinet is from my fiancées fathers garage. A very sturdy piece and quite good for different storage needs with its four drawers.
I also put the compressors on top each others to gain some room.

One other project I did, but not quite finished, was a welding cart with few cheap parts.
Ikea metal drawer at 20 euro second hand fitted on top of a shop cart. Cable hooks are made from small coat hooks riveted on the side.
The gas bottle still needs to be filled and fitted on top of the cart along with extension cord for few extra sockets.
Quite nice and beats the Motonet/Biltema (local Harbor Freight) offering... at least in my mind!

Here is "money shot" of the project as it now stands.
Hopefully I can soon start this side and get the repairs going and project moving!

Next up is some more patch panels and cleaning the garage... should be fun!

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