Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fabrication - Patch panels: Part IV

As I promised last time, this weekend I have done sheet metal work!

But first, lets do some background work for the garage.

I had noticed that the vise stand I made was not so sturdy as I had hoped.
Some rummaging later in the metal bin and I found profiles that slid inside each other and therefore I could make the system pictured here.

The receiver profile was a little big for the shaft, but fortunately I found a lock bolt and a matching nut in our parts bin.
I welded a 15mm wrench to the bolt and now when I lift the handle/wrench, the shaft locks in place and does not budge.

I also made handle for the welding cart.
Now the pistol lead and the earth wire does not get in the way of the drawers and I have a holster for the welding pistol. Might need to lengthen the holster as it's a bit short. Slight error in my part!

After these tasks, I started the patch panels again...

First up was the missing piece in the rear of the new upper rail.
These clamps truly are life savers, as they kept the part tightly in place and pulled the edges nicely on same level.

All welded up with the last edge piece, but still I need to make some additional panels to this section.
The panel that goes between the fender and the frame of the car still needs to be made and improved.

The forward most part of the car fell off...

So I made a new one!
I sketched the outlines of the box section on the sheet metal, transferred that on cardboard and then cut it from the sheet metal.

Box section in the making.
This is my high tech bending brake... 60x40 mm profile tightly clamped in a vise and a few clamps. Then comes vicious pounding with a hammer. The sheet bends more easily, if I score the bend lines with grinder before hand, FYI.

Box clamped up and test fitted.
Fitted nicely and all holes landed where they should had been. I also welded a new nut to one of the holes to make sure I have adequate room with the box section.

Box section all bent up and welded.
It's 10 mm high and the flanges are ca. 25 mm wide. Now the part that was like cheese, is much more nice to look at!
Still will need to dress up those welds, but I guess I will do all welds together after I have made the more urgent repairs, as in all other patch panels.

Bottom panel for the upper rail.
Fitted nicely on the first try so I tacked it in place and welded it solid as far as I had the time.

I also seam welded the upper portion of the rail and used a pattern of 5/5 cm (welded/not welded).
The long top seam is also welded thoroughly and I will grind it the same time I do all other welds. Then I will lay a 5/5 cm pattern on that seam to make sure it will hold and to make registration officer happy.

The whole beauty.
It has taken some time, but I have now (almost) repaired one sixths of the car's rust.

Next up finish welding the lower portion of the upper rail and then... the drivers side floor and runner with added rigidity!

Again... still a long way to go!

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