Sunday, April 3, 2016

Driveline - Nissan R230: Part I

As stated in the last post, I acquired a new to me diff.

I came across a really cheap (80 euros) Z32TT R230 differential in England and could not resist so I bought it and had it shipped to me. 
I also bought two pairs of CV-shafts so now I only need the correct length drive shafts and adapters and my set up is complete (for the time being).

The diff is "a bit" rusty, but it's only on the outside.
Rust was so thick that I used a welders hammer to chip the layer off!

Inside bits look really nice!
No metal shavings and oil was in really good condition. Also the VLSD seems to be working quite nicely... well if it is not when the car is drivable, there is always Quaife.

The ratio is the correct one for Z32TT.
48:13 or 3.69 is a bit too short for me with the ZF, but at least the Z will accelerate like crazy... if I can get the tires to hook up! Armada 2.9 would be better gearing choice, but that means opening a whole different can of worms!

Cleaned up quite nicely with the welders hammer!

I mounted the diff on my second engine stand for easier dismantling.
I'm going to take the whole diff apart and send it to my friend to be media blasted, then of to the powder coaters!

I'm thinking that all underside parts will be white or some other light colour as I would like to see the leaking oils as fast as I can (because there will be those!). Same goes for the motor and engine compartment.

Keen eyed reader might see some parts that are not OEM, at least according to my FSM.
There are bungs installed for oil cooler pick up and return. Might be nice to use them when the time comes!

In the next instalment, I'm going to upgrade my worktable and the carosserie pick up points.