Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fabrication - Patch panels: Part V

This update deals about what happened few (or four) weekends ago.

I continued with the upper frame by drilling 8mm holes for plug welds and then welding them up.

Holes drilled...

... and welded up!

Few pictures to show what I have accomplished and how the rail turned out.
Looks rather good, if I say so myself!

I wasn't fully happy to the rail so I ground all seams flat to prepare them to be stitch welded.

I also needed to make relief for the fender, as it did not sit properly in this area.
I cut few dents to the appropriate spots and filled them up with sheet metal bits and welds.

Rail all ground and stitch welded.
I'm not a professional in this field, but it looks all right and I really hope that it holds for the rest of this cars life!

The lines one can see in the firewall are markings for the firewall mod.
600mm wide and 200-250mm deep indentation in the firewall, so I can move the motor as far back as I can.
This of course means installing a pedal box and as I'm going to make it adjustable for different drivers, it will be with a DBW throttle so I can ditch the throttle cable and of course DBW opens the door for all kinds of trickery in the engine management side...


Mod should look a lot like this when finished apart for the transmission and Viper V10 that is installed in the model car!
Hopefully there will be still room for a wiper motor on the center as the Finnish summer is short, not so snowy but with lots of rains...

Next up some words about my new (to me) differential!

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