Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fabrication - Patch panels: Part VII

This time around I'm still messing with the left rocker panel, but some progress has been made!

As the keen eyed reader might notice, the left rocker panel is gone as a whole and so is the front corner of the rear arch.
There were three layers of metal on top of each other and all of them crusty rusty. I'm no expert, but it might not have been the best structure.

Rocker panel inner part in the making.
The metal I used is 1,5mm and it will go from the front of the car to the rear inner fender.

As I don't have a proper dimple die kit, I had to resort to making my own.
All that is needed is (at a minimum) a drill, hand held router, some roofing screws, a sheet metal hammer and hard plywood.

I mapped the needed hole pattern to the sheet metal, drilled through the centers with a roofing screw to mark the center points to the plywood and then routed 5mm deep circles to the plywood.

To keep the sheet in place, I used the roofing screws and clamps and did three dimples at a time.

The end result...
The panel came out reasonably nice. It did go a bit wavy, but after I put it to its place with clamps, it straightened out quite nicely!
Next I need to get a suitably sized hole saw eg. 50-57mm one and drill the centers out to lighten the panel and to make it look more OEM.
Even though no-one will see the panel once ready...

Still some final fitting to do to the panel before I can weld it in place.

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