Sunday, April 3, 2016

Supporting tasks for the project - Garage VI and Rotisserie pick up points

I'm on a roll with these updates...

My just refurbished worktable needed a new surface so I picked two 50mm thick surplus desktops from my work and added 3mm sheet metal on top.
Does not buckle under a load and the sheet metal is fastened to the wood with countersunk screws. Should be adequate for welding and for any other heavy work that I can think!

When I picked up the surplus tabletops, I also got the accompanying drawers.
They found their place in my "Leaning Tower of Compressors".

I noticed that Zeta had shifted a bit on the rotisserie during my repairs and as there is no end in sight for the repairs, I decided to upgrade the rotisserie pick up points. This was also needed for me to gain access for the door sills so I could begin to work on them.

Main components are 40x40x4mm profile and M24 threaded rod with double nuts and washers on every corner.

When I bolt the rotisserie to the floor, I will be able to level the car perfectly and also pull the car straight if need be. Now the car is level to a sound of few degrees.

Fortunately the cross measurement of the car was spot on... at least the car is not fully crooked!

Rear pick up points and levelling system.
Unfortunately I need to lift the car with engine crane to be able to adjust the threaded rods, but that's quite easy! Just lift the car, check levelling and adjust the bottom nuts to correct height. Lower the car and tighten top nuts.
Same for the front and rear!

On next update work resumes with patch panels and more precisely rocker panels!

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