Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fabrication - Patch panels: Part X

This time a quick and dirty update as was the visit to the car.

Around 6 hours was spent with these "achievements", but one can only wonder why and how it took so much time...

First part of the left rear valance/corner patch. A bit difficult to weld it on as the original metal is heavily pitted/rusted, but still reasonably sound.

Lines came out reasonably close to the original and I could move on to the bottom part of this patch job.

Before I could start making the bigger patch for this corner, I had to fix one more rust spot.
I cut a corner out of the rear rail...

...and used a left over piece of steel to form the corner.

I made a rough CAD of the needed patch and again transferred it to the 1mm sheet...

...after few hours (around two) the result was this. A nicely sitting panel, but I really should leave bigger panel gaps for welding... would minimize the proud welds.

Tacked with few spots...

...all welded up...

...and ground down. Still need to address these patches by grinding some more, but might need a small belt sander for that so I can do more precise work. Another way would be using smaller flap disks.

I also drilled the center support out under the rear lock. It was in the way and I'm needing that space for something else...

Suzuki GSXR, "aviation style" in appearance, gas tank cap/lid.
Quite nicely made, aluminium, 110mm OD and came with a rubber seal and locking mechanism.

I'm going to put that at the rear of the car and then connect it to the "tailor made" gas tank.
Should be interesting to engineer.

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