Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fabrication - Patch panels: Part XII and Powertrain mock-up

After a short hiatus in updating this blog, here comes an amalgam of few weekends.

Lets start by fitting the oil pan from the Volvo B6304F engine to the newly modified ZF GS6-37DZ transmission.

Oil pan fitted to the transmission and hoisted up in the air. I also attached the shifter assembly temporarily to the box with zip-ties.
During this time, I took "accurate" measurements of the assembly, so I can see how much to cut of the firewall and also to share the information to someone who might need it and reads my ramblings.

The full length of the package is 1375mm from the front of the oil pan to the middle of the shifter.
Oil pan length is 615mm and the transmission is 760mm from the bell housing to the middle of the shifter.